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Parallel Studio holds “Solitary”, an interactive exhibition


Kuwait, May 6, 2017: Parallel Studio, a Kuwait-based boutique design and architecture practice, inaugurated its first art exhibition and interactive installation, “Solitary”, at the ARGAN Business Park, as part of a community-wide effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all, and assure that each person with autism spectrum disorder “ASD” is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life. The exhibition aimed to recreate the sensory experience of the exterior world as seen by autistic children and apply it to the general public, in an aim to raise awareness about mental disabilities and to better understand them.                                                                                                           

The exhibition and art installation was sponsored by Al Ghanim International and ALARGAN, and held at ARGAN Business Park 

Parallel Studio Co-Founder, Mai Al Busairi, said: “Through the exhibition, we want to combine art and design with the notion of raising awareness on important causes in our society where mental disabilities lead to the marginalization of individuals. We tend to label those who are different, whether the difference is the appearance or in the behavior. This is where we come in at Parallel Studio, showcasing a unique exhibition that invites visitors into an experience designed to see the world through the eyes of autists, and ultimately, better understand their point of view.” 

Busairi added: “The exhibition as a whole forms an interactive experience of how autistic children feel. This is achieved by adapting the environment to mimic their day to day journey. Lighting, reflective materials and sound are the main elements to deliver the feelings, thoughts and life, to ultimately better understand what autism means.”

The exhibition focused on two senses to engage the viewer and achieve the objective of understanding. It embodied how visual perceptions and headings differ for an autistic person. Seeing repeated elements in a sharper way, an autistic person also hears multiple auditory inputs in one flow: the person speaking, water dripping and the gravel movement on the street. These feelings are represented in a maze that gives the visitor the sense of solitude.

Commenting on the installation, General Manager of Kuwait Operations at ALARGAN International Real Estate Company – the owning company and operator of the ARGAN Business Park - Ali Khajja, said: “We have the pleasure to host such a noble initiative, which contributes to raising awareness on a social cause that increases understanding and encourages interaction. At ALARGAN, we believe in the importance of social wellbeing as an ultimate goal of business. An example is the ARGAN Business Park, which is the highest-ranked green building in Kuwait, providing an ideal work and social environment for its tenants while being environmentally-friendly for the larger community. We also thrive to achieving our goals by collaborating with partners that share the same motto, such as Parallel Studio.”

Al Busairi concluded: “At Parallel Studio, we want to give back to the Kuwaiti community by tackling issues that matter the most to our society through architecture, art and design. We thank Al Ghanim International and ALARGAN for their support and enabling us to achieve such an exhibition.”